Tom Spader Photography | FAQ2
Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I have heard different things describing a wedding photojournalist; like they refuse to shoot posed photos or group shots.  Can you explain?

A:   While the strict WPJ will not pose anything, I am not that hard-core.  Nearly all of your day will be captured as it happens, unposed, literally one frame at a time.  If you want, we will set time aside to capture the photos you want.  I call myself a wedding photojournalist as more of a style point than a rigid shooting philosophy.  I am happy to work within the time restraints of your day to get you the images you want.  That said, if you are looking for an all day fashion shoot or "hey, smile for the camera" type day I have photographers I can recommend.

Q:   Do you work alone or is there an assistant or second shooter?

A:   I do recommend a second shooter.  While they may be assisting at times during your day, their role is to be constantly capturing images of your day from a different vantage point than mine.  In a journalistic setting it is advised to have a second set of eyes on the day and since very little is being posed it is nice to have that second photographer documenting day from a different vantage point.  The choice though is yours.  See the Rates info page for more information

Q:   Is photography your main business? What percentage of your work is composed of weddings?

A:   I am presently a full time staff photographer for the Asbury Park Press, Neptune, NJ.  I have arranged my schedule to make myself available for your day.  I am now booking a limited number of weddings for 2014.  I invite you to check out my other work as the constant 'being in the right place and the right time under any conditions' is what I bring to your wedding day table.  View Gallery.

Q:   Will you be my photographer on the day of the wedding?

A:   Yes, I will be the primary shooter on your day.

Q:   What is your plan if you are unable to attend due to illness or unforeseen circumstances?

A:   I have a strong network of full time wedding photographers that I am in contact with, comparing dates and makings ourselves available for each other.

Q:   After the wedding, when can we expect to see the photos?

A:   I plan to blog a select few of your photos within days (often hours) of your event and will have all the digital files on a USB drive to you within 60 days, usually much sooner.

Q:   How much of a deposit is required to hold the date? When is the balance due? What forms of payment do you accept?

A:   One third of final cost holds your date and gets the contract finalized.  The final two thirds (full final cost) is due no later than sixty days before your wedding day.  Check, money order and PayPal are now accepted with more credit card options in the near future.

Q:   Do you post the proofs online, or will I receive digital negatives?

A:  Both, a full gallery will be posted online so you (family and friends) can view and purchase with many options.  This gallery will be yours and password protected. You will also receive a USB flash drive with all the images for you to print, post, share.

Q:   How many pictures will you take?

A:   Every wedding is different but for an 8 hour day, with down time, you can figure about 100 per hour, likely more.

Q:   Do you have liability insurance?

A:   Yes

Q:  What type of cameras do you use, and will you have any backups in case something breaks or doesn’t work?

A:   I am a Canon guy and have been for 35 years.  Presently using the full frame 5D bodies and their line of L series lens ranging from 15mm-300mm.  I have multiple on and off camera lighting options and large studio strobes for large dark venues.  I do prefer available light, but will be prepared for anything thrown at me.  There are back ups for everything.

Q:   Do you have an album I can look through?

A:   Yes, I have many.  There are a few posted online, but the beauty of an album must be seen in print.

Q:   What sort of touch-ups do you do?

A:   Included in the digital images you will receive there will be a file included with usually 200+ images that are toned, cropped, color corrected, skin enhancements, etc. that I suggest are the best of the day.  These are also suggested candidate images if you are having me design an album for you.

Q:   Will there be additional fees for travel and lodging?

A:   This will depend on the individual situation, but I will not look to profit on any type of travel, only what it costs to get and keep me there.

Q:   Is there a cancellation policy?

A:   Yes, your deposit holds your day and forbids me from even discussing your date with another couple.  If I can book your date after you cancel you will be fully refunded.















3/23/09 Bruce Springsteen at Convention Hall
Photo by Tom Spader